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Pop Up Retreat: Self-care

Restore your energy. Lift up your mood.

Pop Up Retreat: Self-care

€55 per person
October 18
4 hours

Event Highlights

  • Dedicated to self-care practices that boost our mental health
  • Sessions led by unique experts that will teach well-being practices


Prices 55 EUR

About This Event

On Sunday, October 18th, and for many following Sundays to come, in different special locations around Greece’s biggest cities, Travelgems presents “BREATHE” Pop up Retreats, a uniquely designed concept that will join like-minded individuals towards a common purpose of well-being. Well-being includes the concept of physical, mental, social and emotional health. Travelgems’ main purpose is to create experiences nurturing body and soul that not only lift you up but move you forward. All experiences are organized around three basic pillars: education, evolution and integration. Thus, following this direction and encompassing these pillars, the Pop up Retreats will include a four hour, one day event of sessions by wellness experts covering varying topics, creating memories full of care, and initiating connections and inspiration. The sessions will organize groups of 8 people concurrently, taking care of every participant’s safety.

This one day, four hour retreat is dedicated to self-care practices that boost our mental health – the way we think, feel and behave in our daily lives. The sessions will be led by unique experts that will teach well-being practices, simultaneously sharing their energy and passion. Specifically, through four distinctive sessions we will:
- Feel revitalized, empower our bodies and reveal stress by joining Ioanna’s exclusive morning HIIT session (Fitness training)
- Find balance through a Pilates session, by nurturing our bodies and minds using our breath and exercises that improve our posture (Pilates Mat with resistance bands)
- Explore ways of somatic psychotherapy to identify how we connect our body, mind and soul, and live in the present moment (Uniting body-mind)
- Maintaining inner balance and resilience during challenging times (Positive mindset: How to) By participating in this retreat, you will learn how to physically and mentally take care of yourself, make yourself a priority, and reaffirm the way you approach yourself to achieve optimal personal and worldly health.

The best gift you can give yourself is Self-care.

About Ioanna Laoumtzi

Ioanna was born and raised in Heraklion, Crete. In 2011 she graduated from the Gymnastics Academy of Athens, having completed two specialties: sports marketing and water skiing. She started working directly as a personal trainer in successful gyms. After several years of experience, she takes the next step and gives shape to her dream by founding IL Exclusive Fitness by Ioanna Laoumtzi while presenting to the public Exclusive Fitness Philosophy. She believes that gymnastics can be combined with an exclusive way of life and daily life, with the sole purpose of gaining the necessary experience and knowledge to develop her own personal philosophy around gymnastics.

About Maria Sismani

Maria is a certified Pilates instructor by AF Studies Pilates Academy in 2007. Furthermore, she has attended numerous seminars in Greece, such as Pilates for Seniors (AF Studies), Pilates and back pain (AF Studies) Pilates for pregnancy (NYSY studios), Pilates Mat workshop with Rael Isacowitz, Pilates props and reformer Balanced body. Her experience in Pilates mat and equipment technique as a personal and group instructor counts more than 10 years having cooperated in Pilates studios and fitness centers.

About Maria Kyriakopoulou

Maria studied Political Science in Greece and then Human Resources Management in England. She worked as a Human Resources Manager in big international companies for 25 years. Since 2011 she moved exclusively to psychotherapy in the field of mental health, specializing in Systemic Counseling in the Laboratory for the Investigation of Human Relations and then in the field of psychotherapy at the Hellenic Institute of Neurophytotherapy & Character Analysis. In addition, combining her 25 years of experience in the field of business with psychotherapeutic support and supervision techniques, she provides counseling support to individuals or a group of individuals in relation to their professional subject on team management issues, claiming, role delimitation, crisis resolution, object promotion within the professional space.

About Agnes Mariakaki

Agnes Mariakaki has a background in Organizational Psychology and Cultural Anthropology and has been conducting qualitative research since 1989. She has studied Applied Mythology at the Institute of Applied Behavioral Technologies, Princeton, and Non Verbal Communication at the Paul Ekman Emotional Intelligence Academy, UK. She is a certified Lego™ Serious Play™ and a licensed NLP Trainer and Coach with the International Society of NLP, and Richard Bandler. Agnes has worked for over 350 brands, in over 50 categories. She has conducted more than 4000 focus groups and has supervised qualitative research in Greece, USA, UK, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, India among other countries.

  • Two sessions
  • Water & fruit
  • Transfers
  • Mattresses & towels– remember to bring your own
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  • Participants
    8 people/ session
  • Cancellation Policy
    1. If new Covid-19 restrictions that do not allow the retreat to be executed: total refund. 2. If unforeseen weather conditions that do not allow the retreat to be executed: date reschedule & no refund. 3. In case of no-show, arriving late, leaving earlier, illness: no refund. We wish we could refund for unforeseen circumstances, but there are costs already made when reserving a place.
  • Important Info
    COVID-19: Travelgems is committed to provide a safe experience to all attendees by: Creating small groups up to 8 people in each session, Kindly reminding participants to bring their face masks (optional). In case of unforeseen illness of the Retreat instructor a replacement instructor will lead the retreat. UNFORESEEN WEATHER CONDITIONS: Please note that due to unforeseen weather conditions the retreat will be postponed. You will be noted 1 day before the retreat date.

Daily Schedule

The Sessions*:
  • 10.00: Meet, greet and relax.
  • 10.30- 12.00: Fitness training by Ioanna Laoumtzi
  • 10.30- 12.00: Pilates Mat with resistance bands by Maria Sismani
  • 10.30- 12.00: Uniting body-mind by Maria Kyriakopoulou
  • 12.00- 12.30: Break and breathe
  • 12.30- 14.00: Positive Mindset: How to by Agnes Mariakaki
  • 12.30- 14.00: Pilates Mat with resistance bands by Maria Sismani
  • 12.30- 14.00: Uniting body-mind by Maria Kyriakopoulou
*Each participant selects up to 2 sessions, based on availability. Please note that the sessions may have a 15-30 minutes time deviation


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