Our Inspiration

In the midst of a transitional period for the world, optimism is more important than ever.
The biggest lesson our world has taught us is that time is the greatest gift we have.

At Travelgems, we cherish travel as a timekeeper, creating purposeful, authentic and euphoric experiences that generate joy and unbounded optimism.

We co-create our retreats with leading experts in their respective field of wellness, curating unique itineraries that cater to our community’s needs.

Our retreat destinations are hidden gems immersed in nature, culture and history, selected to reflect the retreat’s purpose in a sustainable way.

Our hotel partners are aligned with our values, providing bespoke services and the utmost comfort and luxury in an environmentally conscious way. Merged gracefully into their natural surroundings, they respect the landscape, culture and community of the area, supporting local producers and selecting sustainable materials. Our partners’ culinary teams provide a farm-to-table experience, which respects and incorporates the local history and traditions.

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5+1 Senses


Sight helps us observe the world around us by allowing us to see different things.

Use your sense of sight to carefully look at the world around you.


Touch helps us observe and understand the world around us by allowing us to feel different sensations.

Use your sense of touch to feel the natural elements of your environment.


Smell allows us to distinguish different aromas and smells.

Smell the fragrance of nature.


Taste is our ability to distinguish different flavors and where they might come from.

Focus on your taste and discover unique flavors.


Hearing constitutes our ability to notice the different sounds that exist around us.

Focus on your hearing and mindfully listen to the healing sounds of nature.


According to Aristotle, this is our soul’s ability to align all five senses together and bring us into the present moment.

Focus on your inner self and expand your consciousness.

Kelly Brandon Retreat - Crete 2021

From this experience I found myself more interested in the philosophy of yoga. Kelly's discussion on that was fascinating and something I may follow up on. I can't really say my thought process evolved but based on the above it may over time! What we learn daily does become a part of who we are as we move forward so that my new interest in yoga philosophy will be incorporated into my daily life, I hope. Thank you for your efforts to provide a successful yoga retreat. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Mariel Buqué Retreat - Mykonos 2021

Dear Niki, The retreat was amazing and all of the hard work that you and your staff put into it was very obvious and much appreciated. Even the confusion of my last night at Kivotos not being available became a treasured night in Athens. Reflection questions: 1) I learned that you never know the pain, baggage or demons someone carries when you first meet. 2) My thought process evolved tremendously...open up to people, share your pain...you or they may say something that can help with their or your own healing process or journey without even being aware of it. 3)I always tried to be mindful and a positive person. But meeting this group of women and spending sacred time together has given me a little golden nugget to carry with me on my healing journey. Truly special! Again my sincerest thanks,


Elise Joan Retreat - Corfu 2021

Dear Niki, What a wonderful model (Education-Evolution-Integration) Travelgems has! I very much enjoyed being part of this unique experience at the Marbella Corfu. I especially liked getting to meet both you and Fenia. You both are so warm, outgoing and eager to help. I hope to have the opportunity to go on future retreats with Travelgems. Sincerely,

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