Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to look closely to find it. For us, nature and the sea are great sources of inspiration. Art, books and smiling faces are also at the top of our list; as well as the ancient Greek philosophers, Plato and Socrates. Their philosophical teachings are just as relevant in this day and age, as they were so many years ago. Socrates asked: “How can we pursue happiness?”. A special vacation can provide the perfect setting to contemplate this and any of life’s big questions… or it can be as perfectly simple as enjoying a glass of wine, gazing at the sea in its constant change, reflecting on life and all its possibilities.

Travel is evolving

Imagination is the greatest strength of our minds. Travel is the perfect opportunity to create a transformative experience and live life in a new way. Meet new people at a retreat, indulge in culinary delights or diversify your vacations by exploring historical cities and villages in Greece, Croatia, Cyprus or even Tuscany. We promise you’ll enjoy every step on your journey!

We love innovation and evolution. Especially during these challenging times, we seek creative ways to support our community’s well-being. We are excited to announce our FREE virtual retreat sessions. Browse them in the retreat section and find the one that best fits your needs!


Purposeful and healing vacations which answer to different types of interests- from mindfulness and yoga, to nature voyages, to literary or creativity retreats- explore the possibilities, and find the fit that fulfills your needs.


The Multifaceted Female in Ancient Greece


FÖRENA: Finding your Strength & Inner Ally


Spiritual Dance: An Immersive Sah Method Retreat


Aligning with Your Karma – A Retreat on the Island of Crete


Self-Care & Wellness Partners Retreat


Emotional Freedom with Dr. Mariel Buqué



Over 280 experiences to choose from. Experience the destination by doing a curated activity, where you will enhance the knowledge of the place and enjoy your vacations.

Ceramic Art Class


Balos and Gramvousa Rib Boat Trip


Jeep Safari: Secrets of Cretan Wine & Olive Oil


Athens Food Tour


Full Day Sailing Cruise


Master Cretan Cuisine



Every destination in Greece, Croatia, Cyprus and beyond has their own fragrance, sound, scenery and smiles to explore. Get inspired from our travel guides.

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