Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to focus and look closely. For us, nature and the sea are great sources of inspiration. Art, books, people’s smiles, but also on the top of our list, ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Socrates. In today’s world, their philosophies are still fresh and relevant. Socrates asked: “How can we pursue happiness?”. The right trip will offer the perfect scenery to analyze this and any type of small or big questions of life… but also its perfectly fine if you just sit, enjoy a glass of wine and watch how the sea constantly changes, reflecting life.

Travel is evolving

The biggest strength of people’s mind is imagination. Travel is the perfect set up to live in a new transformative and experiential way. Meet new people in a retreat, taste local gastronomy, explore the hidden gems of cities and villages in Greece, Croatia, Cyprus even in Tuscany. We promise, you’ll enjoy every step you make.


They are purposeful healing vacations answering to different type of interests from mindful and yoga to nature, book or creative retreats, explore what fit your needs

Yoga Retreat with Alexandra Santos in Crete, Greece

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Creative retreat


Wildlife gems of Greek nature with Nigel Marven


Yoga retreat with Victoria Gibbs in Crete, Greece


A JABS by Gina DiNapoli retreat in Greece

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Nature retreat



280 activities to choose and feel the destination in a completely different way than usual

Ceramic Art Class


Balos and Gramvousa Rib Boat Trip


Jeep Safari: Secrets of Cretan Wine & Olive Oil


Athens Food Tour


Full Day Sailing Cruise


Master Cretan Cuisine



Every single place in Greece, Croatia, Cyprus and more has its own smells, smiles, sounds and views to explore. Get inspired from our travel guides.

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