Dené Logan Retreat in Mykonos

Rise of the Divine Feminine

Oct 9-14, 2024|6 days|Mykonos, Greece

About This Event

Who is the Divine Feminine? The Divine Feminine woman is a seeker, a pioneer, a mystic, a powerful embodiment of life force. She is a woman who has gathered wisdom from her life’s adversities and found a way to alchemize them into her superpowers. She does not concern herself with fitting into societal templates of what constitutes a ‘good and decent’ woman, because she is aware that her life’s mission is connected to supporting the collective awakening during this pivotal time in history and holding the feminine aspects of who we are as sacred.

During this 6-day, 5-night immersive retreat at the Santa Marina Resort in Mykonos, we will explore the key elements required for each of us to stand in the space of feminine leadership through the collective shift in consciousness we are currently experiencing. For approximately 3500 years, a patriarchal framework has been the societal status quo. But in a world that is rapidly changing, women are remembering the magnitude of their innate feminine wisdom. They are daring to believe that the greatest act of service they can offer to their families, their communities, and the collective – is to show up as the most bold, engaged, fulfilled, and empowered version of who they are. This is the rise of the feminine consciousness within humanity as was prophesized to begin during the period in history we are living through right now.

This shift in the collective consciousness requires an integration of the masculine and feminine characteristics that exist within all of us. The wounded masculine paradigm that patriarchal structures have emphasized has reached a societal breaking point. As we attempt to integrate feminine characteristics like collaboration, creativity, and the ability to Trust in the truth of who we are – with healthier masculine characteristics like inspired action, the creation of safety, and a deeply rooted sense of purpose – it is essential that more and more women remember (and embody) the innate power that resides within the Divine Feminine.

This Immersive Retreat will support you in:

– Cultivating tools for using discernment and executing healthy boundaries in all of your relationships

– Creating a vision for living in alignment with what offers you a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose

– Understanding the origin points of, and releasing patterns of self-abandonment, codependency, cognitive distortions, and stagnation

– Learning to utilize integrative tools like shadow work, archetypal exploration, and reparenting work to support you in moving through life’s taxing moments with a sense of empowerment

– Rediscovering aspects of your authentic Self you’ve lost a connection to as a result of life’s pain points and societal conditioning

4220€/per person

About the retreat leader

Dené Logan is a Marriage and Family Therapist, a group facilitator, and an author based in Los Angeles. She specializes in helping others find more fulfillment in their relationships. Dené utilizes her background in depth psychology to support the women she works with in reclaiming the aspects of themselves we’ve all been conditioned to reject in an attempt to maintain attachments. She facilitates several group immersive experiences and retreats throughout the year.

Dené is also co-host of the podcast, Cheaper than Therapy. Her first book, “Sovereign Love: A Guide to Healing Relationships” by Reclaiming the Masculine and Feminine Within, is being released by SoundsTrue in May of 2024.

“Everything about your life shifts the moment you realize that you don’t need anyone to be anything other than exactly who they are, for you to decide who you’re going to be. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.”
– Dené Logan

About the destination

This island is much more than its glitzy veneer; it’s a way of life. For over half a century, Mykonos has held global attention and shows no sign of letting go. No other island combines extreme archaeological significance with eternal light (Delos) and world-famous vibrant nightlife. Mykonos offers exactly what you desire. Here, traditional Greek island charm meets ultra-premium accommodation, sophisticated dining, high-end shopping, molecular mixology, and an unimaginable array of service options. Simultaneously, you can lay your towel on almost virgin beaches with not a soul around. Mykonos has it all: the expensive, the affordable, the touristy, the secluded, the extravagant, the simple, the high-end, the folkloric, the famous, the unknown, the showcased, and the hidden.

About the hotel

Santa Marina, a Luxury Collection Resort, is the getaway you dream of all year round and the place you truly long for. When one thinks about Santa Marina, they can feel the sun on their back, the water gently lapping at their feet, the cool drink in their hand, and the tantalizing prospect of a fun night ahead. When one is here, it’s the place where they feel inspired and invigorated by the sense of belonging, by the buzz, and by the possibility of pressing pause on real life, just for a moment. No one does the social scene, elegance, and buzz quite like Santa Marina with its private beach and world-class dining. Guest rooms exude elegance and timeless design, complemented by comfort and the endless blue of the Aegean Sea as their focal point. It’s all quite perfect.

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Indicative Schedule


  • Arrival at Santa Marina, Mykonos.
  • 7:30 PM: Kick-off Community Dinner: Together, we will share our intentions and set the tone for a gathering of like-minded individuals embarking on a collective journey of self-discovery and connection.


  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Morning Session with Dené (2 hours).
  • Free Time for Reflection and Exploration / Optional Activity: Santa Marina Kaiki Experience.
  • Afternoon Breathwork Session (30 minutes).
  • 7:30 PM: Community Dinner


  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Morning Session with Dené (2 hours).
  • Free Time for Reflection and Exploration / Optional Activity: Shared Half-Day Cruise to Rhenia and Delos Islands.
  • Afternoon Restorative Session (30 minutes).
  • 7:30 PM: Community Dinner


  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Morning Session with Dené (2 hours).
  • Free Time for Reflection and Exploration / Optional Activity: Delos Guided Tour.
  • Afternoon Journaling Session (30 minutes).
  • 7:30 PM: Community Dinner


  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Morning Session with Dené (2 hours).
  • Free Time to Bid Farewell to this enchanting island.
  • Afternoon Breathwork Session (30 minutes).
  • 7:30 PM: Community Dinner

Day 6

  • 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM: Breakfast.
  • 11:00 AM: Check-Out.

Disclaimer: This schedule is indicative and is subject to change as we move closer to the retreat date.

Start your

Event Highlights

  • Daily movement classes and meditation
  • Daily group facilitation and processing
  • Practice executing tangible tools to implement in your life moving forward
  • Journal prompts, worksheets, and diagrams to utilize during and after the retreat
  • An opportunity to connect with the powerful energy of sisterhood with a group of like-minded, empowering women
  • Integrative downtime to connect to the history of the island, and excursions around Mykonos to help you remember the magnitude of your own Divine Feminine power, as you stand in close proximity to the energetic resonance of the Greek Goddesses.



4220€/per person

in Double Occ. room


5220€/per person

in Single Occ. room

Flexible payment plan

what’s included

  • 5-night accommodation at Santa Marina
  • All sessions with Dené Logan
  • All breakfast meals
  • All dinner meals


what’s not included

  • Air tickets to/from Greece and Mykonos Island – We strongly advise you to book flexible airfare tickets and flights with fewer carbon emissions to contribute to environmental protection, as it is our responsibility to safeguard our environment 
  • Accommodation Tax of 10EUR / room / night payble by the guests directly to the hotel
  • Airport and Land Transfers
  • Soft drinks, beverages
  • Lunch meals
  • Whatever is not mentioned clearly in the inclusions

more info

We strongly advise you to book flexible airfare tickets and flights with fewer carbon emissions to contribute to environmental protection, as it is our responsibility to safeguard our environment 


Payment Plan: Available – contact

Language: English

Airport Transfer: Available upon request – contact us at

Cancellation Policy: Deposit amount is non-refundable | Should you wish to cancel your participation 45 days or less before the start of the retreat, 100% of cancellation fees are applied.

Important Info: In case there are Covid-19 restrictions or restrictions related to any other pandemic that prevent guests from traveling the total amount paid will be refunded.

Transport: For Dene’s retreat in Mykonos, you can fly into Mykonos International Airport (code: JMK)

From there you can book a transfer – kindly contact us at for a transfer reservation.

Dietary Needs: Should you have any special dietary needs/allergies, kindly let us know in advance in order to be able to better accommodate you in the best possible way.

Additional Info: One 1-liter bottle is provided for every 4 persons.

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