Bespoke & luxury
services curated to your specific needs.

Indulge in a 5-star meal with impeccable views of Florence & a private quartet of violins.

Enjoy a private guide & dinner inside the premises of the Gucci Osteria Museum. 

Partake in private whale watching in the Azores and discover its hidden waterfalls. 

Explore the lavender fields in the south of France and get flown by helicopter to Mirazur restaurant. 

Take private flamenco lessons in Andalusia led by the top dancers of the region. 

Meet the Greek fashion designers of Emily in Paris and experience a personal shopping session with custom-made outfits.

After a private tour of the Acropolis with the best archaeologists of the city, learn all about how it was built by sponsorships and how mentoring started in Ancient Greece.

Restaurants and Nightlife reservations

Enjoy lavish cuisine and upscale hospitality. Our high-end concierge services are dialed into the most exclusive fine-dining restaurants. Whether you’re planning an exceptional night on the town, or a romantic dinner our concierge management has connections to create your one-of-a-kind night out.

Private tour access

Avoid the tourist traps.

Our experienced concierge service books the historical hotspots known only to insiders.

Ensure one-of-a-kind experiences for groups of all sizes. VIP security services We offer personalized safety & security solutions based on customers’ needs, while designing and implementing them to utilize modern and proven technologies that are fully aligned with the human factor. By providing our customers with safeguard & security services, we minimize the presence of risks and respond to the high requirements of this service!

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you; an experience of a lifetime.

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