Our Retreats for 2023


2023 here we come!

2022 was an incredible year for Travelgems. We are so thankful for our retreat leaders, our partners and, most of all, for our amazing community members.

In 2023, our retreats will cover a variety of themes, which will include:

– Philosophy & Culture

– Nature

– Yoga 

– Pilates

– Fitness

– Self-care

– Spirituality

– Personal development

– Mental Health

– Dancing 

This is the list of confirmed retreats so far (click on them for more information): 


Christine D’Ercole’s retreat in Zermatt, Switzerland

Amy Shonka’s Yoga Retreat in Crete, Greece & Tuscany, Italy (SOLD OUT)

Elise Joan’s Yoga & Personal Developemnt Retreat in Zermatt, Switzerland

Micki Havard’s Pilates Retreat in Zermatt, Switzerland

Shaun T.’s Empowering Dancing Retreat in Mykonos, Greece

Pixie Acia’s Fitness Retreat in Paros, Greece

Jennifer Saint’s Mythology Retreat in Athens, Greece

Cultural Retreat in Epidaurus, Greece with Edith Hall & Natalie Haynes

– Elise Joan Yoga & Personal Development Retreat in Portugal

– Alexandra Stadler Yoga Retreat in Crete, Greece

– Tracey Mallett Fitness Retreat in Crete, Greece

– Amy Jordan Pilates Retreat in Corfu, Greece 

– Alexa Idama Pilates Retreat in Faro, Portugal

– Erin Treloar Retreat in Crete, Greece

– Lindsey Harrod Retreat in Faro, Portugal

– Charell & Duane Berg Retreat in Tuscany, Italy

– Sara Haven Retreat in Crete, Greece

– Brittne Babe Retreat in Santorini, Greece

– Chris Johnson Retreat in Andalusia, Spain

– Marta Bestetti Retreat in Seville, Spain 



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Not sure which retreat to choose? Fill out this form and a member of our team will reach out.

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