he Venus de Milo may be standing in the Louvre and admired by millions, but the uprooted goddess surely misses the limpid waters and mesmerising beaches of her native land. If we were obliged to say just one thing about Milos, it would be that this island has some of the most magical, breathtaking and eclectic beaches in the world.

Milos features over 75 beaches – quite remarkable, if you come to think that it is just an average-sized island (151 square kilometres) – and each one is different and even more beautiful than the other: from the unique lunar landscape of Sarakiniko to the exotic Tsigrado with the fine white sand, from the volcanic Fyriplaka with the emerald waters to the golden-red sand of Provatas, this island may have the most diverse coastline you have ever seen. Add to that the island’s very rich history (findings indicate that the island was already inhabited from the Mesolithic age, about 8,000 years BC, and was one of the first Aegean islands to begin to form a significant civilization), amazing cuisine, picturesque villages, many natural beauties and important cultural monuments, and you’ll understand that Milos is destined to win you over and forever hold a piece of your heart, as the island that is, just simply, “perfect”.

The island with the most magical, breathtaking and eclectic beaches in the world

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