ften referred to as the ‘Tuscany of Greece’, the claw-shaped Pelion peninsula has the tendency to enamour its visitors and lure them back over and over again. Located in Magnesia and protruding into the Pagasitic Gulf, around halfway between Athens and Thessaloniki, Pelion is divided into the southern, western and central parts. It is bestowed with an endless array of lush natural splendour that sprawls generously up and across its mountainsides, with diverse and magnificent beaches lapped by clear water and some 24 exquisitely picturesque seaside and mountain villages that are alive with traditional charm.

An all-year destination with a popular ski centre, Pelion draws nature lovers first and foremost, who head there mainly during the warmer months to trek the lengths of its nature-encroached kalderimia (cobbled donkey paths) and explore it by engaging in rewarding activities in its multifaceted landscapes. It also lures holidaymakers who relish the joy of short or long-term stays in one of the numerous converted stone mansions with slate roofs characteristic of Pelion’s architecture, and over the years it has also become a magnet for wellness tourism fans who travel there for luxury spa treatments or meditation and yoga retreats alike.

It’s no surprise that, according to ancient mythology, Pelion was the choice holiday destination for the Greek gods, and today it shrouds within its thickly verdurous landscapes, where centaurs once roamed, the likes of world leaders, A-list celebrities, artists and glitterati from around the globe.

Bestowed with an endless array of lush natural splendour, magnificent beaches and mountain villages that are alive with traditional charm

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