nafi is the beautiful, secret “sister” of Santorini. Located just 19km from the internationally celebrated, cosmopolitan Santorini, shy Anafi manages to fit everything one needs for a perfectly relaxed vacation into its 38.4 square kilometres. Golden sandy beaches and a wild, rocky coastline, crystal-clear deep blue waters, plenty of sun, remote landscapes, a wide network of walking and hiking paths, unique architecture, unexplored caves, rich history and archaeological sites, ruins of a Venetian castle, as well as amazing food and a cool, bohemian aura, and even a sulphur spring in the area of Vagia. According to Greek mythology, Anafi emerged from the sea to become a refuge for the Argonauts during a storm, when they were sailing from Kolchis to Iolkos.

Nowadays it’s a vacation-refuge for travellers, seeking an alternative, more relaxed and simple kind of holidays, closer to nature and further from the rapid pace of modern life. Its Chora (capital) is the only part of the island that has inhabitants all year round and it is considered one of the most beautiful in the Cyclades, as it is built amphitheatrically at an altitude of 260 metres, offering a panoramic view of the island and the sea. During recent years, Anafi is gradually being “discovered” by tourists who fall in love with its uniqueness, but it’s still untouched by mass tourism and over-development. The island is particularly popular among campers, who opt for free-camping on the few beaches that still allow it.

Everything one needs for a perfectly relaxed vacation

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