Lifestyle services

As we strongly adhere to the quote that says “ make it a lifestyle, not a duty”, we offer access to exclusive places that allow your daily activities to be fun and bespoke.


When in Athens do the thing that everybody in our western society does best. Go shopping! Downtown Athens is a shopper's paradise. Besides the areas of the Plaka and Monastiraki which are well known to travelers for their large variety of tourist shops, all of central Athens is full of shops for every kind of person and every kind of budget. Saturday is the favorite day of Greeks to go shopping! Warm weather and the weekend’s relaxed pace are things that inspire locals to stroll around and catch up with some shopping and friends! Follow local habits but avoid the clutter! TOP ambassadors of Greek haute couture open their ateliers for you only so that along with the helpful guidance of your personal shopper, you can choose and customize your haute couture dresses! Enjoy this luxurious experience presenting both renowned and current, cutting edge Greek designers along with top international fashion designers and fashion houses!


We understand that some of the simplest tasks in life can also be the most time-consuming. Let us take care of finding and booking the best beauty specialist in town you can have the time to concentrate on what’s really important; yourself. We customize your beauty services based on your individual needs. Hand us over your “to do list” and consider it done!

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