with Kremena Yordanova

Oct 15-19, 2021 |5 days|Crete

About This Event

Join Kremena for a yoga retreat in Crete.
This retreat is a manifestation of Kremena’s experience after attending Practice you weekend in Zurich with Elena Brower. We will be using techniques from Elena Brower and practice you! To truly practice you we will be including inquiries from her book Practice You ! If you have already a journal, please feel free to bring it along with you. Take a few days for yourself and go deeper with the practice of being you.
During those days we will blend nourishing practices and reflective time for oneself. In each morning class, expect asana, pranayama, and meditation. In each afternoon class, expect a nourishing, more quiet practice, including inquiries from Practice You, or you may bring your own journal.

€/per person

About the retreat leader

Growing up in a small Bulgarian town, Kremena couldn’t have anticipated that yoga would become such an integral part of her daily life. In 2006 she took her first-ever yoga class and fell in love with it. 6 years later, having completed her yoga teaching training, Kremena created her enterprise YorYoga: a collective of like-minded yoga teachers set on a mission to share the practice with young professionals. In 2012, Kremena met Tara Stiles, founder of Strala yoga and the following year she took the Strala teacher training. The seemingly effortless style of Strala yoga corresponds with Kremena’s personal belief that yoga should be a rewarding journey, rather than a competition. Later her teachings got influenced by Elena Brower and her multiple visits to Africa. As a successful entrepreneur with a full-time corporate career, Kremena is thoroughly aware of the demands of modern life. Since founding YorYoga 10 years ago, Kremena has organized seventeen international Yoga, Food and Wine retreats, multiple workshops and has taught countless yoga classes, making her one of Amsterdam’s most sought after yoga teachers.

About the hotel

Located on the edge of Crete’s north east coastal town of Malia, Cretan Malia Park is ideally situated for the island’s
most picturesque charms. A beachside location buttressed by rugged mountains, the locale presents a well-placed
base camp from which to explore the island — or to simply bask in the beauty of this corner of Crete.

Go Deeper

with the practice of being you

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