erifos is a beauty, but not in the conventional Cycladic way. A little rough around the edges, not all that touristy, it’s got one of the Aegean’s most stunning medieval hill-top Horas (main towns), resting on the traces of an ancient town mentioned in the Xenophon manuscripts and offering breathtaking views. This island will present you with a different perspective on the Cycladic holiday: sometimes Serifos feels wild and almost eerie, at other times you will feel it has a hidden cosmopolitan aura, just waiting to be discovered. However, when it comes to its beaches, there is no doubt that those of Serifos will steal your heart away: crystal-clear turquoise or deep blue, with sand or pebbles, shaded or desert-like, semi-organised or not at all, easily accessed or hidden and secluded – one of Serifos’ 40 officially registered beaches (though locals raise the number to over 70) will be the answer to all your summer prayers.

Apart from the must-visit Psili Ammos beach, named the best in Europe by the Sunday Times in 2003, Vagia, Ganema, Kalo Ampeli, Sykamia, Livadaki, Agios Sostis and Koutalas are just a few of your many choices. Remains of the island’s mines can be seen on the southwest of the island; they are an integral part of the its history, as its soil was so rich in ore deposits that in the 6th century BC Serifos had its own currency, and mining continued until 1963. The workers’ strike of 1916 is considered one of the first organised attempts for better working conditions in Modern Greek history.

It will steal your heart away

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