n island of extreme beauty and long history, Ios is mostly known for its “notorious” nightlife scene of booze-fuelled parties which start one day and come to an end the next. From the beaches with loud beach-bars to the vibrant bars and clubs along the cobbled labyrinthine alleys of Chora, much of Ios is about non-stop, partying all summer long, with a youthful crowd from all over the world coming year after year to dance, flirt, drink (a lot) and in general be “naughty”.

But this is only one side of this magnificent island, which was firstly inhabited in prehistoric times, has evidence of protocycladic settlements, played a crucial role in the evolution of Cycladic civilisation and is said to host the tomb of Homer, the most important epic poet of global history. The Ios you definitely must explore is a place of serene beauty and traditional architecture, whitewashed houses and arched alleys, small villages and ancient paths, tranquil sandy beaches and emerald waters, great food and alternative tourism.

The hill-top Chora is characteristic of the capital towns across the Cyclades and offers breathtaking views, especially from the church of Panagia Gremniotissa, which is built on the highest top and will offer you vistas across the endless blue which will remain forever imprinted on your heart and mind.

A place of serene beauty and traditional architecture

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