The “Island of the Knights”, the “Emerald Island”, the largest island in the Dodecanese and the fourth largest in Greece, Rhodes is by no coincidence one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. Huge and eclectic, sunny and bright, verdant and sandy, Rhodes is an island for everyone. Incurable romantics and history-lovers will come for its fairytale-like Old Town, but every other visitor will fall for it too, as this is one of the best-preserved medieval settlements in the world, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and constantly inhabited throughout time. The world’s movers and shakers will come for its ultra-luxurious, mega-scale and exclusive resorts and the glam-chic ambience of Lindos, as will prosperous families and couples. Trendy and youthful crowds will come for its buzzing nightlife. Nature lovers for its countless amazing beaches, verdant inland, running waters and breathtaking wooded valleys, and let us not forget amazing natural sites, such as the paradise-like Epta Piges (Seven Springs) or the magical Valley of the Butterflies. Adrenaline junkies love it for the numerous chances and places to practice their favourite sports, while parents find here a family-friendly way of holiday life.

Rhodes is considered the Greek equivalent of Miami, equally due to its six-month (sometimes even more) long summer and palm-tree laced main coastal road, as well as its “old glam and old money” nostalgic flair. It was back in the 1920s when Mario Lago – general commander of the Dodecanese at the time–decided that Rhodes could become the epicentre of upscale tourism in the Southeastern Mediterranean. The oh-so-glamorous hotel which hosts the famous Rhodes Casino and the beautiful Baths of Kallithea are only some examples of the fulfillment of his vision.

Rhodes, the Island of the Knights

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