ne of the oldest continuously inhabited islands in Europe, with a Neolithic Parliament site to prove it, this isolated isle nevertheless manages to feel almost untouched by human hand. Remote–flung into the midst of the northern Aegean, roughly halfway between the Mount Athos peninsula and northeastern Turkey–and unaffected by modern tourism, here you’ll find peace, natural beauty and good old-fashioned Greek hospitality.

The island has a proud gastronomic heritage and is known for its superior wine, so in between relaxing on any of its pristine beaches, wandering among the sand-dunes or soaking in the thermal springs, photographing the deer that roam the castle or admiring the handsome neoclassical houses of the capital Myrina, you can enjoy delicious local cuisine and refreshing glasses of chilled white wine.

If you’re looking for the Greece of yesteryear, Limnos (or Lemnos) might just be where you’ll find it.

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