ontrary to popular belief, Kythnos is not a small island: it spreads to 99 square kilometres and has a coastline of approximately 104 kilometres. Rather impressive for an island that–at least for Greeks–was for many years simply the island where the ship made a stop before getting to Serifos. However, no good thing can last forever and in the last decade Kythnos, along with Kea, has become a favourite long-weekend vacation spot for Athenians, as it is located just an hour and a half from the port of Lavrio, yet has all the beloved Cycladic qualities. So, the bad news is that this beautiful, untouched, serene island has been discovered by tourism, but the good news is that this has not affected it at all, at least negatively. The only difference is that now the standard of rooms to let and hotels are better (and some are really great).

A beautiful, untouched, serene island

There are three main reasons to choose Kythnos for your summer holidays: first, it has some of the most amazing beaches in the Cyclades, with Kolona beach justly claiming first place amongst all Cycladic beaches–and this is a tough competition, ladies and gentlemen–and almost all are free of sun-beds, umbrellas and beach bars. So yes, you do need to be a bit more organised yourself, bringing along the beach essentials, but the virgin landscape and the crystal-clear, turquoise waters will repay you to the fullest. Second, the easygoing lifestyle and relaxed mentality in every aspect of this magnificent island: here you cannot get stressed, everywhere you want to go is relatively close by, everything floats in peace, all is cool and breezy. This is what holidays should be about. And the third reason to choose Kythnos is that it’s the perfect base for great island-hopping, as Kea, Serifos and Sifnos are just a stone’s throw away.

The perfect base for great island-hopping

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