escribed by Pindaros in the 5th century BC as, “A narrow ridge of land, but I would not swap it for Babylon”, Kea is now the hip, offbeat go-to for well-to-do Athenians in the know, and eclectic foreign visitors who want to avoid the hordes. It’s only a short hop from Athens–around 45 minutes’ drive from the capital to Lavrio, the connecting port, and then a one-hour crossing by ferry to Korissa, the island’s busy port town. Its proximity to Athens International Airport also means its becoming a choice destination for discerning travellers who crave an unhurried vacation on a scenic and historical island, during which they can enjoy a plethora of wonderful beaches, eat at high-standard tavernas and dance the night away in authentic local style.

One of Cyclades' best kept secrets

The traveller will not be surprised to learn that Kea is considered one of the Cyclades’ best-kept secrets. Unlike most of the other islands in the group, commonly known for their dry and barren landscapes, Kea is overflowing with brooks and streams running through its verdant valleys and plains that are a delight to walk through, along well-organized routes taking you past a plethora of superb ancient ruins. The sea too can be thoroughly enjoyed there, as many of Kea’s amazing and often remote beaches are nestled in coves and thus comfortingly shrouded from the harsh winds and rolling seas characteristic of the Cyclades.

A scenic and historical island

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