alk about an “all-in-one” Greek island! Golden-and white-sanded beaches, emerald-coloured waters, a forested mountain interior, trees that kiss the waters with their branches, delightful villages and settlements, strong bonds with tradition, an interesting day and night scene and a glorious past. What more could a traveler ask for?

An island of verdant nature and unparalleled natural beauty

How about great hospitality and amazing food? If so, check and check again, as the value-for-money accommodation choices and the abundance of local delicacies are yet more reasons to fall in love with this island. Thassos is an island of the northern Aegean and, as in the northern mainland of Greece, it is characterised by verdant nature and unparalleled natural beauty, combining its mountainous geography with breathtaking coastal landscapes that may be more than you can take in during just one visit.

The Pool of Giola, naturally formed in the rocks and separated from the sea by a narrow slice of rock, is one of Greece’s most photographed and internationally displayed natural landscapes.

And as the island’s long history speaks of gold and marble mines, wealth and a vibrant cultural scene, there are several sites of archaeological interest to visit, as well as a great archaeological museum.

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