kopelos is the largest of the triumvirate of evergreen emerald gems that make up the Northern Sporades. Sandwiched between the cosmopolitan party island of Skiathos and the ecologist’s dream of Alonissos, it borrows from both, having a muted sophistication. The island is steeped in mythology and history and some of the wonderful places to visit there attest to this with their names and topography: from the dragon that terrorized the island, finally slain by the Christian saint Riginos, or the mysterious tombs of Sendoukia, to a female pirate Adrina who went down with her ship off the western shores of the island.

A green sophisticated gem of the Sporades

In the last decade, Skopelos also drew a new wave of admirers from around the world after starring as a key location for the dreamy world of the blockbuster Hollywood musical “Mamma Mia”. Apart from its crystalline waters, equally alluring are the island’s forests, which flow gracefully down the mountain to the coast. Indeed, like neighbouring Alonissos, its verdancy is one of the features that often surprise visitors more familiar with the dry barren landscapes of the Cyclades or southern Greece.

Sailing into Skopelos Town or Loutraki under the ever-present gaze of the traditional settlement of Glossa, or looking down from the nearby hilltops, you’ll surely feel you are being transported into a different era.

The key location of "Mamma Mia"

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