here does one start when writing about the most famous island in Greece, if not the world? For more than half a century now, Mykonos has captured global attention and refuses to let go. No other island has attracted as many supermodels, rock stars, not-so-incognito celebrities and wannabes. No other island has as many VIP-carrying mega-yachts dropping anchor and private jets touching down in July and August. No other island can combine extreme archaeological significance and eternal light (Delos) with world-famous pumping nightlife.

No other island is Mykonos.

Because this island is much more than its glitzy veneer, it’s a way of life. And it is exactly this sparkling façade that puts some people off its magical ambience, imagining it as a brash, ostentatious, overpriced ‘orgy’ of a place. No way! Mykonos will serve you exactly what you desire to be served. Whether you want a 1,000-euro bottle of champagne or a 1-euro chilled beer, the sunset will look just as jaw-dropping from picturesque Little Venice. Here, traditional Greek island charm meets ultra-premium accommodation, sophisticated dining, high-end shopping, molecular mixology, and an unimaginable array of service options–but only if you want it to. At the same time, you can lay your towel on almost virgin beaches with not a soul around, you can buy fresh fish directly from the Aegean Sea early in the morning from the fishermen at the port, you can savour a homemade local cheese pie and a simple frappe (Greek iced instant coffee), while gazing at the sunrise from the island’s trademark windmills. Mykonos has it all: the expensive, the affordable, the touristy, the secluded, the extravagant, the simple, the high-end, the folkloric, the famous, the unknown, the showcased, and the hidden.

All is here, but only if you know where to look.

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