here is a saying (albeit slightly sexist but to a certain degree appropriate, so apologies ladies) that the three finger-like peninsulas of Halkidiki reflect the three key stages of a man’s life: Kassandra, the westernmost finger, is best for a man looking for love.The idyllic, verdant and gentle landscape lined by many choice beaches that have bunches of generous ouzeries and tavernas, lively bars and clubs, are the perfect set for cupid’s summer love-tipped arrows. To build a relationship, the rugged but no less naturally luxurious middle finger of Sithonia, with its secluded little shores tucked away in coves and behind headlands, is ideal for spending long romantic and family-friendly days enhanced by trips to quaint little coastal settlements for fine food and sumptuous wine in gorgeous surroundings. Finally, the eastern peninsula of Mount Athos represents the age of maturity and spiritual reflection, a crossing that is no doubt aided by the impact of wild mountainous beauty, 20 medieval monasteries and close proximity to some of the 2,500 monks who have dedicated their lives to this pursuit.

An idyllic destination surrounded by sea

Needless to say this anecdote, repeated by locals, is just a bit of fun, but it is also a colourful indication of the distinctive variety at play on Halkidiki, overall a magnificent holiday destination for families because of the fabulous beaches as well as the top-notch child-friendly facilities and activities to be found at most of the numerous resorts. At the same time, it’s also highly suitable for partying with friends or canoodling with your partner. The peninsulas feature 500 kilometres of exquisite sun-kissed coastline, with over 60 beaches, some deemed among the best in Greece and many of which are Blue Flag awarded, and coastlines lapped by waters of every shade of blue imaginable.

Kallithea, Posidi, Polichrono-Hanioti, Nea Fokea and Afitos are some of the standouts on Kassandra, whilst on Sithonia there are Kavourotripes, Armenistis and Kalogria, and next to it the lovely cove of Spathies.

500 kilometres of exquisite sun-kissed coastline, with over 60 beaches

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