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An island characterised by an aura of grace and finesse, the epitome of “Cycladic-chic”

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Ranked 9th in the National Geographic’s “Journeys of a Lifetime, 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips” special edition, in the “Islands under the sun” section, Sifnos is an island you can easily fall in love with. Its combination of beautiful Cycladic landscapes, picturesque whitewashed villages, amazing local delicacies and rich traces of history make it an ideal holiday spot for the majority of tastes.

Neither too big nor too small, the homeland of Nikolaos Tselementes (the most influential chef and cookery writer of modern Greece, so you can just imagine how good the food is here) is an island characterised by an aura of grace and finesse and is considered the epitome of “Cycladic-chic”. But don’t let its refined façade scare you off as an elitist hotspot – Sifnos may be a genuine aristocrat, but it serves its tourism with a low profile and a sense of original hospitality, while offering high-level infrastructure in nearly every single area. The fact that Sifnos is the land of origin of Greece’s ex Prime Minister Kostas Simitis and of one of the country’s most rich and powerful ship-owning families surely is to “blame” for the island’s excellent shape: Sifnos’ road network may be the best in the Cyclades and you can reach almost all parts worth visiting by car, its harbour is very well maintained and boat connections are frequent.

On the narrow stone-paved streets of Apollonia (capital of the island since 1836) you will come across romantic couples all dressed up holding hands and heading for dinner, lively companies of friends returning from their long day at the beach on their way to grab a bite and your average upper-class family strolling and shopping at the posh small stores scattered along the alleys. This is Sifnos: the shiny side of the Cyclades. Apart from the huge gastronomy chapter, Sifnos has also a very strong tradition in pottery.

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