his is a land of culture, history, fiestas, nature and delicious food. A meeting point between two continents, with both European and African influences in the land's culture and history. While for some people the region may epitomise many of the stereotypes of Spain (year-round sunshine, flamenco, fiestas and bullfighting), Andalusia is amazingly vast and offers startling contrasts: quaint white-walled villages off the beaten track, modern and vibrant cities with a wealth of architectural heritage, and coastal resorts with beaches that stretch for miles.

A spirited and passionate place where the atmosphere sneaks up and envelops you when you least expect it

As Andalusia was occupied by the Moors for longer than any other region of Spain, the Muslim influence on the architecture (especially in larger cities, such as Cordoba, Granada and Seville) is unmistakable. Nevertheless, every city, town, village of Andalusia boasts a wealth of cultural heritage.

While this simplistic portrait might be outdated, stereotypical and overly romantic, it does carry an element of truth

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