What an Elise Joan retreat is all about

Join Elise Joan for Exclusive Yoga and Fitness Retreats
in Mallorca and Croatia 

Travelgems works with world-leading experts in the fields of holistic health, wellness, and balance. One of those experts is Elise Joan, a wellness expert who is hosting yoga and fitness retreats with us in Mallorca (24-29 September) and Croatia (01-06 October). Here she tells us what makes her tick and what an Elise Joan retreat is all about. 

It was during the pandemic that I met Niki and Travelgems, it was such an immediate connection and I just knew that our collaboration would be life-changing. 

Having been part of the fitness world for over 20 years now, a BODi super trainer on-air host, and wellness expert, with expertise in hormone health coaching, longevity and mindfulness, I’ve had plenty of experience with retreats, both as a guest and a host. What struck me about Travelgems though, was the way that guests are truly treated like VIPs from start to finish – whether you’re joining the trip for a serious work-out, or you’d like to enjoy extra excursions, the Travelgems team go above and beyond to make it happen. It’s such a seamless experience which I think makes all the difference for all of us. When guests know they’re being looked after, we can all focus on mindfulness, fitness, and wellness. 

It’s always been my philosophy that life is to be enjoyed to the absolute fullest for as long as we possibly can. I believe it’s perfectly possible to live to 100, but that we need to lean on holistic health to make sure we’re doing so in comfort and style. I want to help people live their most joyful and fulfilling life at any age. 

I’m constantly astounded by the people I meet on Travelgems retreats. I’ve had retreat participants from 19-79, people from all cultures, backgrounds, sizes, and shapes. Some people are well-versed in holistic health and couldn’t live without their morning yoga practice, while others are absolute beginners. What makes it special, for me, is that the retreats provide a space where we can all learn something from each other. 

I’ve had so many amazing experiences on Travelgems retreats, but the first one I ever hosted has become such a core memory for me. I have to admit I was slightly nervous about the retreat, meeting a new group of people – would they be able to learn everything I wanted to teach them? What if it wasn’t what they’d expected? 

I soon realised I needn’t have worried at all. That first group was assembled from the most incredible, amazing, group of people. They were totally open: open to new experiences, open to trying something they’d never done before, open to digging deep and finding inner clarity. By the end of the retreat, I think we all went home with a renewed sense of self. 

So many participants on that retreat have come back for more. It’s great fun to re-encounter old friends on these retreats, catching up on where life has taken them since the last time we met. As I said before, I’ve done a lot of retreats before, but the connections that a Travelgems retreat fosters are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It just goes to show the power of these retreats: people can’t help but keep coming back for more. 

For those who haven’t been on an Elise Joan Travelgems retreat before, I’d describe it as a small exclusive group trip with a focus on yoga, fitness, and mindset. But what sets these retreats apart is that I also want to make sure my guests are immersed in the culture of the stunning locations we visit. If people are travelling all the way across the world, I want them to experience everything these places have to offer. Whether it’s food, drink, scenery, or people, these places have so much to offer us, so much that can make us into more well-rounded, confident, comfortable human beings, and I always make sure to focus on helping retreat participants soak that up.

Beyond all the fun of relaxing and partaking in a different culture though, I discuss many tangible thought processes on my retreats – how to reframe challenges, how to change your thoughts into positivity, how to speak more kindly to yourself. In short, there’s a lot of opportunities for all of us to work on ourselves together. I want everyone to leave a better version of themselves, not just alongside but because of the fun we all had together, so if you’re thinking of joining us be prepared to feel yourself changing for the better.

Hearing other people’s life experiences and challenges opens everyone, including myself, up to new perspectives. If you’re thinking of booking, I promise that it will be such an investment, we’ll have the time of our lives together, and I guarantee you’ll learn a little something along the way

I’m looking forward to meeting you already!

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