Emotional Freedom

Dr. Mariel Buqué

Sept 28 - Oct 3, 2021 |6 days|Mykonos

About This Event

“Join me as we immerse ourselves in emotional freedom in beautiful Mykonos, Greece.”

Join Dr. Mariel in a fully immersive retreat experience to help you invite in emotional freedom through the nourishment of your mind, body, and spirit.

You will be encouraged to step into your higher self through a journey of holistic healing reflective practices to help you learn ways to shed emotional weight and step into an elevated version of who you are. She will guide you through practices that will help you embody greater freedom from old patterns that have kept your life frozen in place.

This year has produced unprecedented grief and constriction in our lives. Dr. Mariel will facilitate daily practices to help you manifest emotional freedom and equanimity. If your emotional balance has been challenged and you could use a nourishing escape where you can learn tools, rituals, and practices to help you stay rooted in your truth, then join us for the getaway of a lifetime.

During the retreat, you will learn how to engage the sacred power of your thoughts to work in your favor and drive you toward an elevated emotional consciousness. You will learn how to start living as your higher self and show up to life in ways that honor your boundaries and reflect mental wholeness. You will learn ways to journey back home to yourself and find your center.

Dr. Mariel will offer a gentle guide toward self-discovery and self-love to help your journey toward enlightenment and emotional autonomy. You will leave with a more profound embrace and love for your shadow parts, a healthier foundation of self-compassion, and a shift in your current mindset to help you invite in a more integrated self.

The Emotional Freedom Retreat offers you an escape where you can protect your peace and offer yourself respite to prepare for a healing journey that is rooted in holistic self care.

It’s time to unlimit yourself and experience emotional freedom.

€/per person

About the retreat leader

Dr. Mariel Buqué is a Columbia University-trained Holistic Psychologist, intergenerational trauma expert, and sound bath meditation healer. Her work focuses on holistic mental wellness and the centering of indigenous healing practices toward achieving emotional liberation.

Her work has been featured on Self Magazine, Glamour, Allure, Essence, NYLON, Bustle, and PopSugar and she has worked with major organizations like Dove, CVS, and Anthropologie.

She also provides corporate wellness consultations to global enterprises, including Google, Facebook, the Loveland Foundation, and many others.

She believes in the liberation of both our minds and of society as necessary qualities of our collective wellness.

About the hotel

In complete harmony with nature’s handiwork and the classic Cycladic design, the hotel’s 40 suites and villas range in picturesque fashion down the rocky hillside towards their own private beach, providing an aesthetic environment, more of a ‘home’ than a ‘hotel’, where you can truly take your time to reflect on what is most important to you; to bring a richness and vitality back into your life and reveal layers of your personality previously hidden even from yourself.

A healing journey

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