Body – Mind – Soul Retreat

Aug 17 - 21, 2020|5 days|Mani

About This Event

During this small scale retreat, of no more than 14 participants, we will find ways to connect with ourselves, others, and mother Earth. We will analyze and practice the meanings of calm and care while you will enjoy in vacations in a perfect scenery. Leading experts will guide you to this 6-day awareness and unity trip and promise to be the starting point of your transformational wellness journey in the new era.

The BODY – MIND – SOUL retreat is available for English-speaking and Greek-speaking audience. Two different dates slots are offered. The English version will take place on September 2-7 (5 nights-6 days) whereas the Greek version will be on August 17-21 (4 nights-5 days ). Please indicate in your email which version you would like to attend.

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About the retreat leaders

Evi Choutou is from Athens, Greece and has lived in Rome, Italy for almost 20 years. Currently, she is working in both countries. She is the author and editor for the wellbeing magazines Piubenessere and Consapevolezza dinamica. Her studying, professional experience and travelling brings her to focus on her vocation. The research of wellbeing throughout all of our layers. As a result, the SATI Dynamic (Sensorial Awareness Training & Inspiration) method arrives to promote awareness and conscious choice.

Ifigenia Paraskevopoulou is the founder of The Coaching Psychology Hub and Country Leader of Points of You® Greece, she is a certified Lifé & Executive Coach, Points of You Expert, Facilitator and HRM & Employee Relations Consultant. She addresses issues and problems of the modern man by combining theories, techniques and tools from a variety of fields, such as Photography and Visual Arts Therapy, Positive Psychology, Systemic and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Science, etc.

Niki Smirni, a global explorer, who has traveled in more than 50 countries. Entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, mindful influencer. She is the founder of Travelgems. Her motto is:“ Think with your HEART, Do with your MIND now“. Inspired by Ancient Greek philosophers she loves reading, travel and innovation. The way she thinks and acts is embraced by the science of well being for herself, community and mother earth.

Nadia Paraschou, Graduate of the Department of Philosophy of Pedagogy and Psychology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with 2 years of study at Vakalo Art & Design and with 14 years of participation in educational seminars and conferences, in Greece and Europe. After 7 years as a pedagogue and animator of groups, mainly children but also adults, volunteer in the network of children’s rights, in European solidarity planning in schools in Romania, and with many participations in group painting exhibitions, Nadia is organizing experiential art workshops. aiming at self-awareness.

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