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Travelgems’ Series of Free Virtual Retreats

Travelgems’ Series of Free Virtual Retreats

On April 23th till May 9nd, a series of free virtual retreats, organized by Travelgems, took place and connected likeminded people from all around the world.

Travelgems’ main purpose it to create travel experiences nurturing body and soul that not only lift you up but move you forward. At the moment, Travelgems may not be able to facilitate real travel, but instead creates a range of free virtual retreats led by world-known experts in their fields to support people in these challenging times, till everybody is able to travel again. All Travelgems retreats are based on three main pillars: Education-Evolution-Integration.

The series of virtual retreats comprise of:

  1. Cultural retreat
  2. Dreamy Mindful Week powered by Kanava Hotels and Resorts
  3. Art retreat powered by bluegr Hotels and Resorts
  4. Zoom meet up with famous experts (Nigel Marven, Evi Choutou)

Cultural retreat: The innovative 3-day cultural virtual retreat was launched in two languages, Greek and English, and was dedicated to the importance of the ancient Greek culture and its influence on our every-day life. Dr. Vassiliki Panoussi (English version only) analyzed the meaning of certain words and their symbolism in ancient Greece. Through the eyes of Georgia Iliopoulou, creator of famous music show, The Thread, and Polina Elis, well known art jewellery designer we also examined how ancient Greek culture inspires creative people and what effect had on them as well. Finally, Ioanna Kalypso Glypti talked about mythology, the Centaur Chiron and the importance of the name of Hippocrates, the father of medicine while the psychiatrist, Dr. Niki Makrogianni, owner of the Hyppolysis energy center, discussed about psychology, the relationship between mindfulness and nature and how it can empower our mindset.


Dreamy Mindful Week: The 5 days Dreamy mindful virtual retreat connected experts from four different cities around the world who shared their expertise in order to make stay-at-home a little more fun.

Athens, Milan, NYC, Los Angeles were virtually united as well as audiences from around the world. The Dreamy Mindful virtual retreat powered by KANAVA Hotels & Resorts was a holistic 5-day retreat that focused on the emotional and physical well-being of the audience and on ways to improve it, strengthen their immune system and wipe away the stress.

World-known instructors invited participants to tune into their meta-awareness:

Yoga & meditation with Martina Rando, from Milan. Vinyasa Yoga with Nicole Woyak, from Los Angeles. Increase energy & boost the immune system with a JABS session with Gina DiNapoli, from NYC, learn how to bring mindfulness into your travels with Niki Smirni from Athens and finally the advantages of the Mediterranean cuisine through an interactive workshop with chef Alex Tsiotinis, from Athens. The live sessions took place via IG accounts of KANAVA’s hotels. Martina took over the account of Parilio hotel, Nicole the one of Istoria hotel, Gina was the host at Vedema hotel, while Niki talked through Mystique’s account, and finally Alex took over the account of Parilio.


Art is Healing retreat: From May 7th to 9th, an Art Retreat, powered by Minos Beach Art Hotel, will take place. Artists will discuss why art is healing and how it has inspired them. Awarded Greek artists, Sotiris Baxtaztis (art critic), Filep Motwary (fashion journalist based in Paris), Deux Hommes (fashion designers), the owners of Studio 3.8 from Berlin and the famous NYC photographer, Stephanie Diani will be part of it.

All virtual sessions take place at 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 18pm CEST, 19pm EESΤ.


Zoom meet up with famous travelgems retreat leaders:

Travelgems has also created three more virtual sessions, which will take place through Zoom platform. Particularly, on the 2nd of May, yoga instructor Evi Choutou offered a yoga class exclusively to Marie Claire Greece’s audience.

On MAY 6th, the famous British wildlife TV presenter, television producer, author and birdwatcher, Nigel marvel, discussed the flora and fauna fund in Greece with his fans and how they can travel to experience wildlife when the world is safe again.

Every Friday from 24th of April till 8th of May, Victoria Gibbs, NY yoga instructor,  will offer free yoga classes taking over the account of Minos Palace Hotel and Suites.

These virtual mindful retreats and Zoom meet up sessions are part of the retreat series of Travelgems launched recently as an antidote to the crisis and they seem to be amazingly impactful to people.

Travelgems will continue to help people have an authentic smile while sheltering at home till the day that all are ready again to safely explore the world.

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