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Resilience & The Life Giving Energy of Classical Pilates

with Katharine Jemmett

Resilience & The Life Giving Energy of Classical Pilates

€1535 per person
May 28 - June 1, 2022
5 days

Event Highlights

  • 4 night accommodation in Double Occ. room
  • 4 breakfast meals
  • 4 dinner meals
  • All sessions with Ms. Jemmett


1535 EUR / Person in Double Occ. Room


2240 EUR / Person in Single Occ. Room

About This Event

“Contrology (Pilates) is the complete co ordination of mind, body & spirit.” - Joseph H Pilates

Retreat Intention: To provide a safe space, in a relaxed, inspiring & naturally beautiful setting to connect mind & body, release what is not needed, & discover the energy which underpins the genius of the Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire. Our focus will be to bring the life-changing energy of this incredible Work into everyday movement.

In the words of Joseph Pilates: “Contrology (Pilates) is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace, and a skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play, and in the way you work.” - Joseph H Pilates

We will play with ‘The Pull And The Push’, the two way opposing energy which works against the downward push of gravity, enabling us to find length & strength in all our movement. This is what I call my “Invisible Workout”. Following this, we will take to the Mat & apply these very same principles to spinal mobility, looking at Flexion, Rotation & Extension, ultimately moving both mind & body as one fully integrated whole.

With an underlying theme of ‘Resilience’ running through this Retreat, we will look at how the genius of this Classical Pilates Method can become our tool to help us, mind, body & soul to remain centred during the most challenging of times.

I can’t wait to meet you & share the Pilates Journey I love with you.. With much love, Katharine xxx

About the retreat leader

Classical Pilates Instructor, Mentor, & International Presenter Katharine Jemmett has been teaching Pilates & good movement for over 20 years..
After an initial career as a Sports Therapist with emphasis on muscular dysfunction & soft tissue work, Katharine’s focus is now to combine this hands on experience with the educational & empowering aspect of Pilates to help people of all ages & all levels to connect mind & body & move well.
The Pilates Powerhouse (the energy centre connecting pelvis, spine & shoulder girdle with the feet) is fundamental to Katharine’s teaching, & how this can be applied to day to day movement & to access the Classical Pilates Matwork Repertoire.
She has produced a range of online Instructional Training Resources available on her website, including eBook, Instructional Courses, Classes, Workouts & Tutorials.
Katharine’s goal is to reach & support those wanting to develop their movement potential, to understand & more importantly feel the transformative effect of Pilates which is not only restricted to a ‘workout’ but applied to all day to day movement.
Katharine runs regular workshops in the UK & Internationally, & now in collaboration with renowned retreat specialists TravelGems, is thrilled at the prospect of heading the teaching content of Pilates Retreats in naturally beautiful places around the world which embrace the whole person, mind body & spirit.
Wellness is of the utmost importance to Katharine. With a background of self esteem & body image issues, she understands the value of acceptance, of welcoming people of all nationalities, genders, shapes, sizes, abilities & ages into a space to be still; to accept what is, to connect mind & body, to breathe, & allow the genius Pilates Method to truly transform.
Katharine is living proof that Pilates can be practised anywhere & integrated into all your movement; all you need is a mind & a body & the desire to connect the two.

  • 4 night accommodation in Double Occ. room
  • 4 breakfast meals
  • 4 dinner meals
  • All sessions with Ms. Jemmett
  • Airfare to/from Greece
  • Arrival and departure land transfers
  • Accommodation tax per person per overnight stay
  • Water, tea, soft drinks and beverages
  • Whatever is not mentioned clearly in the inclusions

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    Deposit amount is non refundable | - Payment can be completed in 3 instalments: 30% for the deposit, 35% for the second instalment and 35% for the final instalment.
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    In case there are Covid-19 restrictions or restrictions related to any other pandemic that prevent guests from traveling the total amount paid will be refunded.
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    Should you have any special dietary need/allergy, kindly let us know in advance in order to be able to better accommodate you in the best possible way.

Daily Schedule

Day 1
  • Arrival / check-in at hotel
  • 5.15pm - 6.30pm: Opening Circle & Evening Release Class
Day 2
  • 7am - 9am: The Classical Mat: The Fundamentals 1
  • The Powerhouse in Standing & Sitting, We Then Take It To The Mat
  • Breakfast 
  • Free time
  • 5.15pm - 6pm: Resilience: Flow One (Optional)
  • Dinner 
Day 3
  • 7am - 9am: The Classical Mat: The Fundamentals 2
  • Spinal Flexion & The C-Curve
  • Breakfast
  • Free time 
  • 5.15pm - 6pm: Resilience: Flow Two (Optional)
  • Dinner 
Day 4
  • 7am - 9am: The Classical Mat: The Fundamentals 3
  • Spinal Rotation & Extension
  • Breakfast
  • Free time
  • 5.15pm - 6pm: Resilience: Flow Three (Optional)
  • Dinner 
Day 5
  • 7am - 9am: Bringing It Altogether with Flow (One Hour Class)
  • Closing circle
  • Breakfast
  • Check-out / Departure


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