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Pop Up Retreat (Virtual Version): Ancient Greece Revisited

Virtual Retreat

Pop Up Retreat (Virtual Version): Ancient Greece Revisited

€50 per person
New dates will be announced
1.5 hours

Event Highlights

  • Discover the method of philosophy and the answers to foundational issues of the western world by following-virtually- the steps of Socrates.
  • View Acropolis from a different point of view.
  • Identify goddess Athena’s powers – myths, symbols, facts.
  • Discuss and analyze quotes of Socrates


2 sessions: 50 EUR

4 sessions: 70 EUR

About This Event

On Sunday, October 18th, and for many following Sundays to come, in different special locations, Travelgems presents “BREATHE” Pop up Retreats, a uniquely designed concept that will join like-minded individuals towards a common purpose of well-being. Well-being includes the concept of physical, mental, social and emotional health. Travelgems’ main purpose is to create experiences nurturing body and soul that not only lift you up but move you forward. All experiences are organized around three basic pillars: education, evolution and integration. Thus, following this direction and encompassing these pillars, the Pop-up Retreats will include sessions by experts covering varying topics, creating memories, and initiating connections and inspiration.

Under this concept, a Virtual version of the Pop-up retreat: Ancient Greece Revisited will take place. In 4 different days, for 1.5-hour sessions, we will revisit Ancient Greece. Culture is the lifeblood of a vibrant society, expressed in the many ways we tell our stories, celebrate, remember the past, entertain ourselves, and imagine the future.

During this retreat the sessions will comprise one-of-a-kind experiences guided by experts on their fields. Specifically, through four distinctive sessions we will:

- Discover the method of philosophy and the answers to foundational issues of the western world by following-virtually- the steps of Socrates. Together with an expert, we will wonder and debate over existential topics, using the fundamental argumentation techniques applied by Socrates. We will learn what was happening in Pnyx and why this place was so important in Ancient Greece (Philosophy walk).

- View Acropolis from a different point of view. Acropolis is the most striking and complete ancient Greek monumental complex. On this hill democracy, philosophy, theatre, freedom of speech, we born, which provide to this day the intellectual and spiritual foundation for the contemporary world and its values (Revisiting Acropolis).

- Identify goddess Athena’s powers - myths, symbols, facts. Athena was the city protectress, goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. She was the daughter of Zeus and his favorite child, thus having great power. Furthermore, Athena was presented in Homer’s, “The Odyssey”, to Odysseus’s son, Telemachus, as a Mentor, to offer him support and guidance in his father’s absence. Their interactions represented one of the earliest antecedents of the word mentorship (Feel Goddess Athena’s powers).

- Discuss and analyze quotes of Socrates, one of the most influential philosophers of the ancient era. Through them we can think deeper and understand ourselves better. As Socrates said “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” (Socrates Quotes).

About George Featham

George Featham is an Art Historian and Licensed Tour Guide from Crete. Between the years 2002-2007, George studied History & Archaeology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Continuing his studies at the same institution, he acquired a postgraduate degree in Art History in 2009, after presenting his thesis on “Image and Public Ritual”. In 2020 he obtained his doctorate degree from the aforementioned institution, after completing and defending his thesis titled “The Faces of Death: An Iconological Study on the personification of death in medieval and modern European Art” (whence the obsession with the Seventh Seal). In 2013, while doing research on his PhD, he obtained a state-authorized license in the art of tour guiding. He has been working as a tour guide ever since, specializing in thematic tours focused on personality-oriented subject-matter (e.g. “I, Galerius”, “Finding Socrates”, “Epicurean Echoes”), and on interactive discourse with the group. He sees tour guiding as a unique “coming together” of people around images, artefacts, landmarks, and narratives that have something to tell us about the world and, ultimately, about ourselves.

About Marilena Anastasopoulou

Marilena is a tour guide and archeologist. From a young age and since her first contact with Ancient Greece, she decided that she wanted to explore it. She studied Archeology at the University of Thessaloniki. She worked for the Archaeological Service of Prehistoric & Classical Antiquities and was a teacher of History and Art in Gymnasiums and Lyceums. The love for Philosophy and the sense of Discovery through archeological excavations came in the following years. Next stop, the School of Guides and a decade full of travel, discoveries and guidance of travelers to new destinations. Philosophy, Excavations, Guided tours: the pattern of a life is repeated on a new spiritual level. The secrets of Ancient Wisdom for spiritual cultivation, which aim to guide us within our Existence, to rediscover the path to ourselves, through Truth, Beauty, Virtue, is the ultimate goal of her tours, so that we can all return richer, quieter, stronger.

About Ioanna Kalypso Glypti

Ioanna Kalypso Glypti has studied Ancient Greek and Roman History, Byzantine Greek and Modern Greek. She has also studied Ancient Greek Theatre, Modern Greek literature, and Greek mythology.

  • Two sessions*   

*Each participant selects up to 2 sessions. In case you would like to participate in all 4 sessions the price goes to 70 euros.  

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    In case of no-show, arriving late and leaving earlier from the virtual retreat, bad internet connection: no refund. We wish we could refund for unforeseen circumstances, but there are costs already made when reserving a place.
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    Interactive Sessions via zoom will be in English; Please email us to secure your spot.

Daily Schedule

Day 1: Saturday 31/10
Philosophy walk by George Featham Different times apply: 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 17pm CEST, 18pm EEST
Day 2: Sunday 1/11
Revisiting Acropolis by Marilena Anastasopoulou   Different times apply: 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 18pm CEST, 19pm EEST
Day 3: Saturday 7/11
Feel Goddess Athena’s powers by Marilena Anastasopoulou Different times apply: 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 18pm CEST, 19pm EEST
Day 4: Sunday 8/11
Socrates Quotes by Ioanna Kalypso Glypti Different times apply: 9am PDT, 12pm EDT, 18pm CEST, 19pm EEST


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