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Experiential Sailing – Intermediate level


Experiential Sailing – Intermediate level

per person
Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
8 days

Event Highlights

  • Hiking in Skopelos
  • A day with horses
  • Life in the Monastery
  • A night under the stars


Prices from EUR 5,200 per week

About This Event

This private 7-day sailing cruise for intermidiates is an amazing experience where you will enjoy the best of Halkidiki and the most beautiful nearby islands of Skopelos - Skyros - Alonnisos with a cruise created for those who want to live it all!

  • Accommodation and use for 8days/7nights in a yacht
  • Tailored itinerary
  • Fuel and water consumption
  • Breakfast and snacks
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Spices, olive oil, vinegar
  • Transfer on islands between activities
  • Guided Tours
  • VAT 12%
  • Professional Skipper
  • Dinghy & outboard engine
  • Yacht equipment
  • Stereo & cockpit speakers
  • Final cleaning of yacht
  • Towels & bed linen
  • Food and drink onboard (inc. your skipper)
  • Lunches and dinners in restaurants
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  • Departure/Return Location
  • Departure Time
  • Return Time
  • Language
    English; Greek
  • Participants
  • Transfer
    Upon request
  • Dietary Needs
    Should you have any special dietary need/allergy, kindly let us know in advance in order to be able to better accommodate you in the best possible way.

Daily Schedule

Day 1
We welcome you at 14:00, and after the necessary safety exhibition, we depart from Halkidiki to Skopelos. During the trip, our experienced skipper will teach you all the basics of sailing. Be ready to learn how to tie a knot, adjust the sails, and steer, as for the rest of the day you can be the Captain! After an 8-hour trip, we arrive at a picturesque harbor and take our time to relax and enjoy cool drinks in one of many pleasant and secluded bars and cafés which are hidden in narrow alleyways. You’ve earned it! (50NM, 8h)
Day 2
Our first breakfast will be a traditional cheese pie from Skopelos and Greek coffee – an absolute must! We’ll need that as we begin our hike to explore the mainland of Skopelos and visit a few of the most important monasteries of the island. Following the T1 path, we will enjoy a route full of greenery and spots with great views, until we reach the monasteries, which will offer us shelter and plenty of shade to rest in. Learn the history behind those sacred walls and take a moment to ease your spirit in this peaceful environment. To wash away the fatigue after all that walking, we will sail to the small fisherman’s village of Agnontas for some delicious fresh fish food and take a refreshing dive just before sunset!
Day 3
Next stop, Skyros island! We start our voyage and during the cruise, you’ll get the chance to practice your sailing skills. The wind in this area offers the ideal conditions for smooth sailing and practicing steering techniques. Choose your duty on board, play with the wind and waves, adjust your sails and discover your abilities, all the while under the experienced eye and guidance of our skipper. Linaria port will welcome us and be our shelter for the night. In this neat port, you can do a book exchange in a special outdoor library, or join the foam party that takes place every day before sunset! (45NM, 7h)
Day 4
Have you ever tried horseback riding by the sea? Well, now you will have a chance to do just that, as Skyros is famous for its horse riding tradition that dates all the way back to ancient times. Get the chance to meet the special race of Skyrian horses, study their behavior, learn about their habits from experts, and have an unforgettable ride with them! This unique day will also include a visit to Sarakiniko, a small island close to Skyros, where we will enjoy the crystal clear waters and a pasta dish cooked by our skipper! You will all have so many things to say and share between those cold glasses of local wine…
Day 5
As we sail through the Natural Sea Park of the area we’ll make our way to the island of Alonissos. During our cruise, we might get lucky enough to meet dolphins and admire those beautiful creatures from an amazingly close distance! Just have your cameras and smartphones ready because your friends will never believe it! In the evening we visit Hora, a traditional and colorful village on the top of the island with a great view and a spectacular sunset. Grilled wild-goat is highly recommended unless you prefer some of the other specialty dishes available. And yes, it will be hard to keep in shape with all those delicious temptations around you, but you will always have the chance to burn those calories the very next day… (40NM, 6h)
Day 6
After breakfast, we sail north, up to the last island of our Udyssea, called Kyra Panagia. We have a quick dive and go snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Ag. Petros, and afterward we will visit the Monastery of Ag. Antonios. It’s the only structure on the island, built-in 8th century AD and thus has a very long and significant history. After walking up the hill while enjoying the view we’ll learn all about the monastery and the island from the only monk living there. He welcomes us with local products and shows us his rich garden and the old-stone olive oil mill. Let your mind wander through the history of those walls as you feel the cool breeze and the holiness surrounding this sacred place. It will be a time-traveling experience… We end the day with serenity, in the quietest bay of the Aegean in the northern part of the island called Planet. After sunset you will understand how it got its name as at night you will clearly see the milky way in the sky. As our skipper describes the constellations above, you become one with the universe. No other sounds, no other lights, nothing between you and the endless sky. Highly recommended: Find a nice spot and sleep outside onboard, it will be an experience of a lifetime! (20NM, 3h)
Day 7
Ultimately, like the great hero Odysseus, we have to return to our “Ithaca”. After a light breakfast, we start our 7-hour way back to Halkidiki. By this point, you should be ready to be the skipper, so take over and sail away! Give commands to the crew, set the route and take the boat to the final destination. The sunset, as our Udyssea comes to an end, will highlight the feelings we share on our last night on board. (40NM, 6h)
Day 8
It’s time to say goodbye, but this bond we created through our experiences will keep us close till our next Udyssea, keeping in your heart all the memories and friends you made along the way. You are now a part of the sea and the sea is now a part of you… at 09:00 next day, we have to say goodbye until our next adventure.


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