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Balos from above – Helicopter tour

Balos from above – Helicopter tour

€870 per person
1 hour and 15 minutes
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    Up to 3 of the same company
  • Confirmation
    Within 24 hours
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  • Important Info
    All passengers boarding the aircraftshall present their passport or ID when requested -Price per tour includes liability insurance, airport taxes,airplane pilot costs, ground handling -Pick up transfer and drop off is available on extra charge -The curator has the right to make minor changes to the program without prior notice in case of unfavorable conditions -Flight rescheduling is free of charge -If a rescheduling is not possible for whatever reason, cancellation fees are applicable -The Captain reserves the right even after the security checkto scan the passengers and/or their luggage byusing a metal detector if he deems it is necessary to do so-Complete operator information, including local telephone numbers at your destination, are included on your confirmation voucher-You are kindly advised to arrive at meeting point 15 minutes earlier-Use the information in your confirmation voucher to send full names and passport numbers, passengers' weight, baggage weights and baggage dimensions (if applicable)

Daily Schedule

-Flight briefing
-Enjoy a flight above the dreamland of Crete, where the exotic pinkish color of Balos’ sand meets the vivid blue waters of the Mediterranean sea


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