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We want to help people have an authentic smile

We create travel experiences nurturing body and soul, that not only lift you up but move you forward and are founded in the three pillars of good business


The true essence of learning. We want through all our travel experiences to create the right education pattern that fits people’s needs. As Socrates said: Education, comes about when three things happen. First, a person must accept what they do not know. Second, the person must realize that self-knowledge or understanding is desirable. And, lastly, truth, including self awareness, comes through questioning. Socrates’ ideas about education included the development of body and soul. Our intention is to create the right place and time for this development.


Τhe gradual development of a person. Travel is the perfect set up to do this as it uncovers perspective, reorders ambition, silences fear or just fits perfectly into everybody’s life, whilst ultimately leading to personal growth. Actually the only journey that never stops is the journey within, so we want our projects to embrace the evolving of our guests.


The action or process of incorporating what I learned back in my daily life. This will bring harmony in your daily life and will make you happier during your intense life needs. We want our travelers to use what they learned during their trip and achieve this personal growth. Having people going back to their local society, integrated with what they learned about themselves and others will be a true asset for their community.

What does it mean to have an authentic smile?

to use your five senses 

to access your imagination

to move everything but your soul

to be fully present in each moment

to nurture your body and soul

to co-create happiness

to harvest your human potential

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