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Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to hear your thoughts and questions. Every single one might have different answer. Therefore we encourage you to send us message at In Case your answer below, it would be nice. So let’s check

Can I book my retreat online?

As there are many details to confirm with, it would be easier for you to send us a private message to reply to your exact requests.

How can I find reviews about travelgems?

There are many reviews for us and we are grateful for them especially in google and social media. Please check our facebook travelgemscom

We don’t encourage people to leave reviews in sites that don’t have good credibility and are often questionable .

Do you sell airfaire tickets ?

No we don’t as we know well that you can find better prices always. We can help you though with your search.

When you plan my trip are you going to propose and book restaurants and cabanas also?

Of course we love to do this, based on your needs and wants. That’s how travelgems started after all.

Can you help me with transfers?

Please send us your flight number, date and time and the right transfer will wait for you.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we send you a secure bank payment link and you just pay online.

I’m a teacher.Can you arrange for me my retreat?

We would love to do it. Lets co-create together.

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