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Kvarner Riviera

An area abundantly endowed by nature

At a glance

Nestled into the cosy crook of mainland Europe’s embrace, lapped by limpid seas and backed by richly wooded mountains, the Kvarner Riviera is an area abundantly endowed by nature.

Against this backdrop are scattered a string of picturesque towns of handsome Habsburg-era buildings and pretty pastel-coloured villas, with coastal promenades and little fishing jetties where you can sample succulent local prawns and drink crisp white wine under a gentle sun. Up in the mountains, vast untouched tracts offer activities like hiking, cycling, birdwatching or white-water rafting, followed by hearty stews and eye-watering plum brandy in hidden hamlets.

From the old-world grandeur of Opatija, with its top-flight restaurants, magnificent mansions, spas and casinos, to the vibrancy of Rijeka, the buzzing port with lively nightlife and renowned rock scene, the serenity of Trsat hill far from the madding crowd below, and the beautiful beaches and lush valleys of Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski, there is something in this blessed region to enchant every visitor.

Pronunciation guide: Opatija is pronounced “opat-eeya” (with the stress on the ‘at’). Rijeka sounds like “ree-yeh-ka” (stress the ‘yeh’). Crikvenica is “tsreek-venitsa” (stress on the ‘ven’) and Mount Učka is “ootchka” (stress the ‘oo’).

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