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Co-creating magic

Our story up to now

Every place on earth is characterized by its unique culture, people, gastronomy, vibes and colors. I love to explore new cities, observe how culture influences daily life and how travelers create connections with local foods. Having visited more than 50 countries, I have the urge to discover and learn about everything a new culture has to offer. As a traveler, I too understand the struggle to find the perfect beaches/beach bars, restaurants and activities, especially those that are a perfect fit to your needs. Locating the hidden gems of a travel destination is what drives me.
So this is how Travelgems started its journey as a digital concierge: by trying to connect locals with travelers who want to explore hidden gems in Greece, Croatia and Cyprus.
But during this business journey, my personal quest has changed. My motto became “Think with your heart, do with your mind Now”. As a heart empowered person, I choose by my heart, so naturally I choose love, care, ethos in all actions. To thrive is essential for the well being of myself, others and Mother Earth. Having said that, my business has changed. I’m grateful to the ones who opened the door of mindfulness to me so I realized my personal purpose: “To help people have authentic smiles”. I embraced my business with that, so now at Travelgems we focus on creating travel experiences, nurturing body and soul, that not only lift you up but move you forward.

Travelgems is very much focused on hosting retreats, everything from yoga, mindfulness, nature and even reading retreats.
The three pillars of Travelgems are: education, evolution and integration.
In every retreat we host, we try to put together like minded people who have common interests, so many of them either come or leave as friends. The educational part is a given, as we always make sure we host the right teachers or experts in their field. When it comes to evolution, we try to focus on helping our clients move forward in their lives, we love hearing stories on how they have incorporated what they have learnt on the retreat into their everyday lives. Everybody evolves in a different way and this is magical. Me personally I have learnt so much up to now from Travelgems journeys .I have learnt that I must not let myself burn out. I learnt that human connentions and interactions are much more powerful than digital connectivity, I now know that must get more sleep, this way I can be more focused on making better decisions. Learning from my Travelgems colleagues is very empowering, we all have learnt that by giving the right feedback, without judgement, everyone can offer the best of themselves. We have learned that people change if they really want to, so education – evolution – integration can be true.
Today, Travelgems team works with passion, integrity and care for every single client and it’s amazing to see their smiles and good vibes every day when they deal with daily practices and decisions.

Niki Smirni Founder

Some of our precious partners

Grateful for your feedback

Helena Carter, UK , Journalist

But the challenge is this: how to transform that one word into a reality that refuses to disappoint. A reality that will stay with you for ever, that you will re-live with more than a touch of smug contentment knowing that it was one of the most precious times of your life.Rising to that challenge is the remarkable Travelgems team.

Heather Beier, USA , Yoga Teacher

Niki thank you so so much for the amazing work you and your team did. But I cried when we went to dinner last night because it was that beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Madeline Miller, USA , Author

Eternal thanks to Niki Smirni and Travelgems for conceiving of this reading retreat bringing it to life in such style, and inviting me to be the speaker! it was a treat for mind, body, and soul too.

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