O nce upon a time, Antony and Cleopatra sojourned on Samos, indulging themselves with all the finesse the abundant island had, and still has, to offer: flavoursome foods, tastebud-

G reece’s fifth largest island, jasmine-fragrant Chios, has all the right southern Mediterranean features to lure holidaymakers in their droves every summer: a large choice of lo

The Saronic island is so close to Athens that some dismiss it as just another suburb. Certainly, at just 40 minutes from Piraeus by Flying Dolphin, it’s easier to get to and from

S eafaring supremo, sponge-fishing central, bohemian literati commune, Athenians’ weekend getaway – Hydra has enjoyed many incarnations, but none more potent than that of artis

O ne of the oldest continuously inhabited islands in Europe, with a Neolithic Parliament site to prove it, this isolated isle nevertheless manages to feel almost untouched by human

D eclared by the poet George Seferis as the loveliest of all the Cyclades, Paros is a combination of gilded beaches and shadowy valleys, hills deep with ancient treasures and terra